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October 2017

Hello!  A lot of behind-the-scenes action going on. First and foremost, on October 2nd we welcomed our little 9lb pumpkin Enzo.  He's our little zen baby, and he brings this peaceful aura wherever he goes....though of course, that simply may be the contrast of newborn baby vs. our tornado of a toddler. Before Enzo was born, I was able to get the Centernia sequel into the hands of the beta readers.  I've received some of the feedback already, and overall I'm really pleased with what people have to say. There are minor adjustments to be made, but overall it sounds like the story had its intended impact and readers were happy. While waiting for feedback, I've taken on other overdue projects.  Most notably, I wrapped up a new redesign for my art portfolio site, Now that the book is approaching release, I can switch my focus from writing back to art, including Centernia art. Kaity Cosette 2014 vs 2017

September 2017

Misa fanart from Ling Tang The second book in the Centernia series is finally in the hands of beta readers!  The book was sent out to fourteen readers earlier afternoon.  They have until October 31st to provide their feedback. I went blog silent for a few months because I knew I had to put all focus the book. If I didn't finish it before my son's arrival, I was looking at another year delay, and I refused to accept that! After I receive all the feedback, I'll tweak parts of the story then send the book to my editor.  There's a strong possibility that we will be having a pre-order, if not launch, for the holiday season. My hours have been scarce between working part time and chasing my daughter. Almost every single toddler nap for the past year has been dedicated writing time. As of this moment, I'm still awaiting my son and my tumor treatment, but with a lot less stress!!! Hah's just giving birth f

So I have a brain tumor....

My Tumor This is a very odd post that seems more like the stuff of fiction than fact.  I have a tumor growing out of my 8th cranial nerve, pressing on my brainstem.  Also, because that isn't exciting enough, I'm pregnant with my second child. The Path to Diagnosis I think it's important to share this story.  A vestibular schwannoma is a tumor that is apparently growing in popularity, despite Google classifying it as "very rare".  Symptoms can be confused for other things, such as anxiety and migraines. My first clue something was amiss was in July of 2016.  The right corner of my mouth felt wet and cold, even though it wasn't.  The odd wet feeling came and went over the course of a week, then vanished.  I didn't see a doctor since it went away on its own. A month later, I was vacationing and enjoying some amazing coastal shellfish.  The right side of my tongue started going numb and I was convinced I developed a shellfish allerg

Tora Con Panel: World Building

This weekend I had the honor of delivering a panel at Tora Con on World Building and Indie Publication. During the lecture, I spoke on the process I use to create a world.  As promised, here is the checklist of elements a creator needs to be aware of when building a believable fantasy universe.  By establishing and understanding these components, you'll ensure that your reader is immersed. Social World Economy & Trade Tradition and Superstition Religion Politics History Prejudice Distribution of Wealth Physical World Technology Housing Environment Creatures Everyday Annoyances Hazards

Centernia Q & A: Characters and Editors

Teren and Savina, forever apart but always together Q and A:  Questions from email and conventions 1. Who are your favorite characters? I love all of my dysfunctional children, making it difficult to select a single favorite. Each character has evolved over the years, revealing their flaws and hidden strengths.  If really pressed, I would select the two characters who have never changed, Teren and Savina. Savina has always been an arrogant antagonist, loyal to Aurumice, a pain in Jessi's side, and forever in love with Teren.  An outsider to the castle, she was brought to the castle under what was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. She has a rich Galbrian accent and constantly reminiscences of her childhood on the sea. Teren has remained the cold and distant gentleman.  He is happy to share a bed with Savina, but never believes that she truly loves him.   In earlier drafts of Centernia, his mage strength was tied to his skills with a violin