October 2017

Hello!  A lot of behind-the-scenes action going on.
First and foremost, on October 2nd we welcomed our little 9lb pumpkin Enzo.  He's our little zen baby, and he brings this peaceful aura wherever he goes....though of course, that simply may be the contrast of newborn baby vs. our tornado of a toddler.

Before Enzo was born, I was able to get the Centernia sequel into the hands of the beta readers.  I've received some of the feedback already, and overall I'm really pleased with what people have to say. There are minor adjustments to be made, but overall it sounds like the story had its intended impact and readers were happy.

While waiting for feedback, I've taken on other overdue projects.  Most notably, I wrapped up a new redesign for my art portfolio site, www.RoseCatherine.com

Now that the book is approaching release, I can switch my focus from writing back to art, including Centernia art.

Kaity Cosette 2014 vs 2017


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