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May 2021 Update

Child of Aurumice came back from my editor.   I'm still reviewing all the comments, but his overarching concern is both exciting and gut-punching. I have written two books. My editor's intuition is dead on, as when I wrote the original outline, it was two books.  As the story evolved, I thought I didn't have enough content for two stories, so I left it as one book, the length rivaling Mark of the Castle. I need time to process all the comments before I rush to make this change.   If I go through with it, bad news for you all, book three is delayed.  However, on the bright side, you get two books and more story! This isn't the only Centernia project on the horizon. For years, I've written short stories from different parts of the Centernia timeline, from Elina's childhood to Nico's ultimate sacrifice.  I had considered putting the stories up on the website for free or offering them for 99 cents each.  Neither felt right. Instead, I'm experimenting with a