Ultimate Centernia Playlist

 Centernia book three, Child of Aurumice, is in the hands of the final beta reader.  

It’s time to dust off this old blog.  

So much has happened.  The world broke.  I’m hiding in my house in upstate NY, spending my days
chasing my kids. I haven’t seen the inside of a Wegmans in eight months. Illustration work has exploded
in a great way and at the same time I’ve had some medical challenges. When I sat down to write this post
I wasn’t sure what my goal was other than to present a teaser for Child of Aurumice.  A chapter? A short
comic?  How can I give you a taste of this wild new story of castles and misguided mages? 

I settled on a playlist.

I write to music.  Through the years I’ve amassed a gigantic playlist for Centernia of over five hundred
songs.  I’ve sorted through them, and I present you three Spotify playlists, one for each book.  I invite
you to make your own interpretations.  For those of you who are just too curious, I’ve created a list
below the links with character associations.

Feel free to reach out, and if you have music that reminds you of Centernia, please send it my way. 

Spotify- Centernia: Return to the Castle

Spotify- Centernia: Mark of the Castle

Spotify- Centernia: Child of Aurumice

Return to the Castle

(Yes, some of these are covers)

Memories (Within Temptation)- Misa 

Lifting Shadows off the Dream (Dream Theatre)- Misa

Stand in the Rain (Superchick)- Jessica

Only the Beginning of the Adventure (Harry Gregson-Williams)- Instrumental

Because of You (Kelly Clarkson)- Jessica

Bastille Day (John Tesh)- Instrumental

Remember Everything (Five Finger Death Punch)-  Teren

Stand My Ground (Within Temptation)- Jessica

Autobots (London Music Works)- Instrumental

Snow White (James Newton Howard) - Instrumental

Awake and Alive (Skillet)- Nico

Adiemus (Jenkins)- Instrumental

The Waltz (John Tesh)- Instrumental 

The Show Must Go On (Gregory Lamarchal)- Instrumental 

Gravity of Love (Enigma)- Instrumental

Lost it All (Black Veil Brides)- Malachi

Say Something (Jasmine Thompson)  - Jessica/Stephen

West with the Night- Instrumental

Shattered (Trading Yesterday) - The Castlefolk

Keep Holding On (Avril Lavigne)- Jessica

Permanent (David Cook)- Nico 

Mark of the Castle

Hey Brother (Avicii)- Nico/Teren

Turn the Page (Vitamin Piano Series)- Lily/Fentalon

Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis)- Jessica

I Will Wait (Mumford and Sons)- Nico

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Suite- Instrumental 

On the Floor (JLo)- Club Underground

Kismet (Bond) - Instrumental

Here I Am (Jan Wayne Edit) - Jessica 

Snuff (Slipknot)- Lily/Stephen

Hide and Seek (Matthew Kramer Mix)- Instrumental 

Secrets (Jennifer Thomas) Instrumental

Skin (Sixx:AM)- Nico

Illumination (Jennifer Thomas) -Instrumental 

To Love you More- Jessica

Standing in the Storm (William Joseph) -Instrumental 

The Sound of Silence (Disturbed)- Nico

I Forgot Who I was (Blake Neely)- Instrumental

Far Away (Nickelback)- Nico

Titanium/Pavane (Piano Guys)- Instrumental

Fall for You (Secondhand Serenade)- Nico

All of Them! (Hans Zimmer)- Final Battle Instrumental 

Child of Aurumice

Winter (Bond)- Instrumental

Take My Hand (Simple Plan)- Nico

Broken (Seether)- Lily/Stephen

Land of Confusion (Hidden Citizens)- Misa

When We Were Young (Andy Black, Juliet Simms)- Stephen/Lily

Angel of the Morning (Kyla Fletcher)- Savina

Ashes (Celine Dion)- Ashlin/Carrie Anne/Stephen 

One Less Day (Rob Thomas)- Stephen

The Night We Met (Gavin Mikhail)- Teren

King of Wishful Thinking (Newfound Glory)- Jared

Into the Blue (Cain’s Offering)- Teren

Perfect (Ed Sheeran)- Nico  

Star Sky (Two Steps from Hell)- Instrumental

Devils Don’t Fly (Natalia Kills)- Zia Casimirio

People Like Us (Kelly Clarkson)- Jessica 

Wedding Medley (Anthem Lights)- Nico/Jessica

Into the Flood  (Anaria)- Jessica

Unbroken (Really Slow Motion)- Jessica

Loved Me Back to Life (Celine Dion)- Misa

Under Grey Skies (Kamelot)- Nico/Jessica 

For Every Step Acoustic Version (Dead by April)-  Teren/Nico


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