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Q & A: Misa's hair

Q: What color is Misa's hair? A: In Return to the Castle, Misa's hair is referred to as black, dark and reddish-brown.  A few readers have pointed out this discrepancy. As an artist, I suffer from the curse and blessing of not thinking of colors in absolutes. A color is what it is at that very moment, whether it be the grey of a river on an overcast autumn day or a chamber basked in the orange glow of the dying sun. In the sections where Misa's hair is referred to as black, it's a low-light situation. Misa's hair is red-brown when there is more light present. Have Centernia questions? Contact us!

Centernian Fashion Part 3: Armor

Links to part 1 and 2 of this series: Centernian Fashion Part 1: Basic Attire Centernian Fashion Part 2: Jewelry and Footwear Daywatch and Nightwatch of Trabalis The uniform of the Watch of Trabalis is a very traditional armor set.  The core of the armor's protection is an undersuit of black dragon hide.  As Misa once mentioned to Jessica, black dragon hide is a misnomer, as it comes from a water beast that is not a dragon nor is it black. Often this hide is a charcoal grey or brown.  The Watch of Trabalis will dye the hide a more vibrant color such as dark blue, deep green or crimson, depending on the district.   Over the black dragon hide suit, the Watch will wear metal armor plates.  Swirls and patterns are commonly added to the design of armor, giving it a distinct elegance.  As the Watch has not engaged in any major military entanglements in over seventy years, the armor focuses more on form than function. Despite the armor's decorative appearance, make no mistake

March Centernia Update and Playlist Feature

This weekend we returned from the first con of the year, Genericon.  It was awesome meeting the crowd out at Rensselaer.  Now we have Anime Boston and Tora Con coming up in April. I just finished the art for an article on armor in Centernia.  You can expect to see that article popping up soon.  Book Two is progressing at a good pace, I'm now muddying through that editing process, ripping out chapters, writing new ones. People have been asking questions about the second book. We're not letting Nico die in the Mines of Briken... I can also say that we will be seeing a bit more of Polaris Aacademy and the Holy Circus.  Also, gryphons. Today I'm pulling a song from my playlist, Lost it All by Black Veil Brides.  This song always reminded me of our favorite theatrical trickster, Malachi.  Were his intentions really bad, or his execution simply ill-planned?  What is it about this man that we didn't know?


During NYCC, we met Donna Rosenblum, a really awesome cosplaying librarian who also happens to be a book reviewer.  She wrote a review of Centernia, which is posted here: