September 2017

Misa fanart from Ling Tang

The second book in the Centernia series is finally in the hands of beta readers!  The book was sent out to fourteen readers earlier afternoon.  They have until October 31st to provide their feedback.

I went blog silent for a few months because I knew I had to put all focus the book. If I didn't finish it before my son's arrival, I was looking at another year delay, and I refused to accept that! After I receive all the feedback, I'll tweak parts of the story then send the book to my editor.  There's a strong possibility that we will be having a pre-order, if not launch, for the holiday season.

My hours have been scarce between working part time and chasing my daughter. Almost every single toddler nap for the past year has been dedicated writing time.

As of this moment, I'm still awaiting my son and my tumor treatment, but with a lot less stress!!! Hah's just giving birth followed by brain surgery.  Somehow finishing this book was a little more monumental.


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