I'm spending the weekend out at Another Anime Con in Manchester, New Hampshire.  I've met some really nice people and sold half a case of Centernia  (with still one more day of con to go!). I also just read another very kind Amazon review from an anonymous reader who purchased a copy in Fan World Niagara. That review made me really, really, really happy and I'm reminded of how far we've come.

Centernia went on sale October two years ago.  I appreciate every single reader in a way I can barely communicate. To put this in perspective.... I have spent over half my life with Nico, Jessica, Teren and the rest of the castlefolk arguing in my brain.  When you, the reader, chose to spend hours invested inside the pages of the book, you see, hear, and feel everything I do.  I don't take this shared experience for granted.  It is true magic that ink on a piece of paper can bring you into the abandoned halls of Castle Aurumice.

I can't believe this journey has been two years in the making. Thank you to JACKIE  for being my traveling companion as we trek across the north eastern United States. I couldn't have done this without you.  I also NEED to THANK everyone who purchased at the following cons:

Roc Con 2014
New York Comic Con 2014
Youmacon 2014
Tora Con 2015
Anime Boston 2015
Genericon 2015
Sci Fi Valley Con 2015
UB Mini Con 2015
Cosplay Snowfest 2015
Another Anime Con 2016

Out in Texas, thanks to MIRANDA BLAKELY for sharing Centernia to new fans at:
Comicpalooza 2015
Dallas FanExpo 2015
Sci-Fi Fest San Antonio 2015
San Antonio Indie Book Fest 2015

In downstate NY, thanks to CATHY RAZIM and her husband JOE PIETRUCH for being ultimate
Centernia evangelists at:
Eternal Con 2015
WinterCon 2016
First Con-tact 2016 
Flower City Comic Con 2016
Sci Fi Valley Con 2016 
East Meadow Comic Con 2016
EveryCon 2016
East Hampton Pop Expo 2016
Fan World 2016
Fandemicon 2016
Immortal Con 2016
Syracuse Hot Summer Expo 2016

We know there are fans in the following states.  If your state isn't highlighted, reply to this post or email and I will add you!

The Sequel UPDATE

When I brought Centernia to NYCC in 2014, I told fans the sequel would be complete by year end 2015.  I made this estimate based on the fact that I had a solid outline and knew how long Return to the Castle had taken me.  Life decided to kick my ass, but I never stopped writing.  I'm really happy to announce that this week I finished the sequel. Nico is no longer trapped in synapses of my brain...he's trapped in the Mines of Briken, and you're so much closer to finding out how he escapes the oppressive darkness.

The crucible of editing is happening right now.  This is another lengthy process, but the nice thing about editing is I can bring other people on to help.  :-)

Thank you so much for your patience.  I promise there will be more novels, more short stories, an artbook, fun merchandise and a lot more world to explore.  They may not come next year, or the year after that, but if you check up on Centernia every once in a while, you won't be disappointed.


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