Monday, December 17, 2018

December 2018 Update

A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders at the completion of Mark of the Castle.

So what's next?

The Agent Search 

My illustration work is represented by an amazing agent who has brought unreal opportunities.  Unfortunately, he doesn't handle the literary side.  I've decided it's time to seek out literary agents to bring Centernia to the next level.  I know it's a long shot and I will continue to build the universe regardless if the series ever sees big-time publication.  Much of my time this past month was centered on sending out query letters.


A few months ago I listened to a Pete Mohrbacher video on the value of getting up early, ( You Tube- One Fantastic Week ).  Mohrbacher is a fantasy illustrator who champions the idea of creating your own IP and taking control of your projects.

I took Mohrbacher's advice and started getting up before my kids a little over a month ago.  5-10 hours of work time were hiding in my week!  I also bit the bullet and joined a gym that had sitter service, buying me another 5-10 work time.  With these hidden hours I've started an illustration workflow that should enable me to start outputting more art for Centernia.

Book Three

I'm building out the scaffold for the third book in the series, which will take the reader to Jessi's graduation from high school.  Between Return and Mark of the Castle I discovered my writing process was too inefficient to ever finish the series.  I tightened up my workflow significantly and improved the outlining process.  I make no promises of the release date for the third book, but I hope it's not going to be another four years.  It's in progress!  Look, there's even a Spotify playlist for it, with a ton of symphonic metal.

Convention Updates 2019

New England fans will be happy to know that I've landed a spot at Anime Boston, April 19th -21th at the Hynes Convention Center.  AB was a HUGE con for Centernia in 2014 and I haven't been able to make it since, (because kids...brain...etc...).  I'll be there with tons of new fantasy art and of course, Mark of the Castle.

Friday, October 5, 2018

October 2018

What a crazy whirlwind it's been!  There are so many exclamation marks in this post!!!!

1. The Book

Centernia: Mark of the Castle is complete!!!  Scheduled release is this late October/early November!!!!!!!!!  Mark is 530 pages of magic, mayhem and drama edited by the amazing Keith R.A.DeCandido

2. Appearance Schedule

Wizarding Weekend Ithaca, October 26, 27 & 28th will be my big fall show.  I'll be giving a panel talk on worldbuilding and selling in the Artist Atrium.  WE WILL ALSO HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF SIGNED COPIES OF MARK OF THE CASTLE.  Come early to snag your copy!!!!

The same weekend as Wizarding, my artist friend Cat Razim will have copies at Flower City Minicon.  An even smaller number of signed copies will be available, though I will not be there.

3. Fantasy Art Projects

This is the source of most of my awesome crazy.  This year has been my year for fantasy art.  In 2019 you can expect to see dragon puzzles released from Ravensburger, unicorn puzzles from Lafayette Puzzle Company, unicorn figurines from Pacific Trading Co and soooooooo much more.  A ton of my time has been absorbed into creating these pieces, and though they're not Centernia-specific, if you're a fan of fantasy, follow and all my social media for updates

4. Goodreads

We're still looking for fans to rate Return to the Castle and write reviews.  A paragraph of your time makes Centernia that much stronger.

5. My Brain

Statistically speaking, I'm not dying.  I'm mostly deaf in one ear now, my face is half numb and occasionally my balance sucks.  I feel like I should be more down about it, but I'm mostly like, hey, MRI technology saved my life.  Tumor is still in my head, and in theory it should shrink down and behave itself.

6. The Future

Now that the book is done, expect more art and a collection of short stories. :-D