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December 2018 Update

A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders at the completion of Mark of the Castle . So what's next? The Agent Search  My illustration work is represented by an amazing agent who has brought unreal opportunities.  Unfortunately, he doesn't handle the literary side.  I've decided it's time to seek out literary agents to bring Centernia to the next level.  I know it's a long shot and I will continue to build the universe regardless if the series ever sees big-time publication.  Much of my time this past month was centered on sending out query letters. Illustration A few months ago I listened to a Pete Mohrbacher video on the value of getting up early, (  You Tube- One Fantastic Week  ).  Mohrbacher is a fantasy illustrator who champions the idea of creating your own IP and taking control of your projects. I took Mohrbacher's advice and started getting up before my kids a little over a month ago.  5-10 hours of work time were hiding in my week!  I