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Ultimate Centernia Playlist

  Centernia book three, Child of Aurumice , is in the hands of the final beta reader.   It’s time to dust off this old blog.   So much has happened.  The world broke.  I’m hiding in my house in upstate NY, spending my days chasing my kids. I haven’t seen the inside of a Wegmans in eight months. Illustration work has exploded in a great way and at the same time I’ve had some medical challenges. When I sat down to write this post I wasn’t sure what my goal was other than to present a teaser for Child of Aurumice .  A chapter? A short comic?  How can I give you a taste of this wild new story of castles and misguided mages?  I settled on a playlist. I write to music.  Through the years I’ve amassed a gigantic playlist for Centernia of over five hundred songs.  I’ve sorted through them, and I present you three Spotify playlists, one for each book.  I invite you to make your own interpretations.  For those of you who are just too curious, I’ve created a list below the links with character as