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Music Feature: Bond

Bond: West with the Night Album: Play 2012 No secret, I have an obsession with string players.  Bond's music gets me every time.  West with the Night was the music that inspired Chapter 50 of Return to the Castle (which...technically was a chapter about flying north into the night...buuuuuuut close enough). As a bonus, this is Bond playing Winter from Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

Buon Natale!

I'm really excited to have a  short story ready for a Christmas release! 2014 has been crazy and amazing.  I say this over and over again, but I am so grateful to everyone who purchased a copy of Centernia, and completely humbled by the people who took the time to reach out, say hi, post a like, or follow Centernia on a social network.  I have been living with this tiny universe for almost two decades, and it was terrifying to share it with the world.  The fact that there are people who enjoyed the story enough to want to know more is so motivating. I wanted to start releasing short stories because there will be nearly a year between each full novel.   To go so long without sharing a tale seems a terrible waste of the internet.  Short stories are also fun because I can reveal more about each character.  The story belongs to Jessi and Nico, but there are too many interesting people around them to not take the time to explore. In high school I enjoyed creating little poems and

Centernian Fashion: Part 1, Basic Attire

Note: To best view these images, open this article in the stand-alone blog: here The images used are sourced from retail outlets and fashion articles. I've cited all links in the captions.  Basic Centernian Fashion I'm happily in the process of drawing comprehensive character designs for Centernia. In order to do so, I've assembled an array of references which I've been asked to share. :-) Centernian clothing is a combination of styles, the most common influences are Indian and Art Nouveau .  Clothing is often governed by asymmetrical lines, displayed in either cut, pattern or decoration. Nature is the inspiration for patterns, which are often based on fish, feathers, and flowers .   Laces and buttons are common and zippers are very rare. Jewelry is popular among all classes, and earnings are worn by both genders. Color vibrancy and class are connected.  Low-class citizens, such as the people of Rockwood, typically wear

Centernia on Tumblr

I was poking around Tumblr and discovered my friend Cat Razim drew Centernia art, (and she was nice enough to throw my book in the photo).  All her sketches are nice, but I LOVE her Kaity design, especially the hair.  It captures Kaity so well.  I find it hilarious that artists who draw my characters often create depictions closer to what exists in my mind.  It's like my brain can't seem to communicate with my hand.

Music Feature: Within Temptation

Within Temptation:  Memories Album: The Silent Force 2004 I have been listening to this song for years, hearing it as Misa's anthem.  I admit, I had not seen the video up until the moment I wrote this post. I am completed delighted. About fifteen seconds in, I thought it really resonated with the look and feel of Aurumice. Sharon den Adel has a very similar look to Misa, especially in that feathery extravagant dress.  At 1:31, I pretty much flipped out.  You'll see why.

NaNoWriMo: Writing a Novel

People often ask me how I wrote a novel.  Like all art forms, it has a process.  I developed my method of writing over years of practice.  I'm sure it's not the same for everyone, but it's a process developed through trial and error. Marked up outline for Return to the Castle 1.Outlining To prevent meandering plot holes, I begin with an outline. My outline is mapped out as an excel document.  I track different elements, like tension resolution and character POV.  I also look for balance between Aurumice and Earth. 2. Planning a Scene Undeniably, my favorite part of writing never happens at a computer.  I would define myself a kinesthetic writer .   I write best when moving.  I run and walk, listening to music, often to the same track over and over again.  The music and movement activate my brain in such a way that it is easier to imagine and see the scene.  It's a surreal and delightful way to write, sort of like reading a book with no book in front

Character Inspiration: Misa

I absolutely love watching horse videos for inspiration.  If you've ever ridden you know it is NOT easy to get a horse to behave.  They're 1200 lbs of free will and can chose to exercise that free will at any time. The rider in the video reminds me so much of Misa, from her costuming to her long black hair. Her command of her horse is absolutely awe-inspiring.

A Journey of Seventeen Years, or Eight Months?

Reblogged from As I look back at the past year, I find myself asking 'how did I get here?' I just sold my last copy of the first print run of  Return to the Castle.   Just a few short months ago, my dining room table was covered in cases of books. I had a hefty little charge on my credit card and a looming feeling of dread. I've been working on this strange endeavor since 1997.  Few people know I deliberately built my entire career around it, (which is a story for another day...). Centernia, circa 1997, back when the story read like a Disney movie In October 2011, after a series of serendipitous events, I decided to create a webcomic based on the story of  Centernia .  I had wanted to release a novel, but after the stress of  The Mathmagical Wish , another printed book seemed too daunting. I was encouraged by my artist friend Jackie, who convinced me to join her selling art at conventions. I created a pile of art for established fandoms while

Music Feature: Dream Theatre

Dream Theatre: Lifting the Shadows off a Dream Album: Awake 1994 For me, this song has always echoed the restoration of Aurumice and the relationship between Nico and Jessi. Amazon Download Link: Lifting Shadows Off A Dream