Q & A: How do you pronounce.....?

How do you pronounce the names and places of Centernia?  Here is a very straightforward guide to all names and places unusual!

Nicoveren Aristo Verdian: "Neek-o-varen Ah-risto Vare-de-an"
Teren Wynter:   "Tare-en Winter"
Artemisa Wynter: "Art-a-mee-sa Winter"
Kaity Cosette: "Kate-e Co-zette"
Corwin Evansi: "Core-win Ev-an-see"
Jared Evansi: "Ja-red Ev-an-see"
Alba: "All-ba"
Savina: "Sah-vee-nah"
Wadjette:  "Wa-jet"
Jiberty: "Jib-er-ty"
Abrianna: "Ah-bree-ana"

Aden: "Aye-den"
Otto Onyxgrove: "Ot-oh On-ex-grove"
Elina: "Ell-eena"

Amberynn:  "Amber-rin"
Malachi: "Male-uhk-eye"
Cobalt: "Co-ballt"

Centernia:  "Sent-urn-e-uh"
Aurumice:  "Or-uh-mice" or "Aura-mice"
Trabalis: "Trah-ball-is"
Briken: "Bry-ken"


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