Buon Natale!

I'm really excited to have a  short story ready for a Christmas release!

2014 has been crazy and amazing.  I say this over and over again, but I am so grateful to everyone who purchased a copy of Centernia, and completely humbled by the people who took the time to reach out, say hi, post a like, or follow Centernia on a social network.  I have been living with this tiny universe for almost two decades, and it was terrifying to share it with the world.  The fact that there are people who enjoyed the story enough to want to know more is so motivating.

I wanted to start releasing short stories because there will be nearly a year between each full novel.   To go so long without sharing a tale seems a terrible waste of the internet.  Short stories are also fun because I can reveal more about each character.  The story belongs to Jessi and Nico, but there are too many interesting people around them to not take the time to explore.

In high school I enjoyed creating little poems and tales around the holiday season, so I thought it apt that the first Centernian short story be a holiday tale.  I am also very aware that Misa has quickly become a fan favorite character.  Since she is the embodiment of hope, cheer and revelry, I could think of no better star for this story.  No, it's not a drunken elf tale, (perhaps that will be next Christmas...), but I hope the story gives you a peek into a Christmas past.

Frostbitten, a Centernian Christmas Story


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