Back in the Saddle

I generally don't share personal issues with readers, but my online hiatus has been so long it's been noticeable.  The good news is, as of this posting, I am back to my usual online schedule of one blog post a week, and more Centernia art.

As some of you know from meeting me at conventions, I'm expecting a baby in September.
:-)  In order to avoid a studio/nursery combo room, we bought a house.  We packed and moved in late June.

The month of July, I direct Kids on Campus, the largest and oldest art tech summer camp program hosted at RIT.  This is a hugely time intensive camp that took almost all of my energy. Normally, I de-stress by writing and drawing, but the universe has a terrible sense of humor.  Since April I've been plagued by an unusual pregnancy symptom.  The nerves in my spine were compressed and gave me crippling pain when sitting.  Yes, sitting.  I could lie down, walk a mile, pull weeds on my hands and knees.....but I couldn't sit at a computer for more than fifteen minutes. Standing also was quickly tiresome.  It was a frustrating situation to say the least.  I've never been in a situation where writing and drawing were painful for months.

Fastforward, it's now August.  Camp has ended for another year and prep work for 2016 won't really start up for a few months.  My baby has shifted position and is no longer hanging out on my spine. We've moved, most of our boxes are unpacked, and I have a nice studio setup.

In the past two months, I started four pieces and did not have the ability to finish any of them, Two Centernia character portraits, one fantasy piece and a pile of kittens. Today I've begun work again on the emerald time dragon and by the end of the week I hope to have finished the portrait of the mysterious Gianna Casimirio. Thank you for your patience, it's been an interesting year to say the least.

WIP- Jessica

WIP- The Emerald Time Dragon
WIP- Kitten Pile


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