Peak into the Office Studio

Hi everyone, I know we've been quiet over at the past week.  There is a very good reason why.

Many artists and authors have a studio or office in-house. It's a private sanctuary where they can work on ideas. The office where I wrote the majority of Return to the Castle is a small spare bedroom in my townhouse.  I love being surrounded by a color-controlled environment where everything has a visual harmony. I usually work on a triple-monitor setup, (Cintiq, laptop, external monitor). I keep a select number of books on the shelf, primarily art books and references.

I have a desk for traditional drawing and painting supplies. Unfortunately, I don't work in real media much anymore with the exception of pencil.

Any art in the room has special meaning to me. This is a vintage poster from my hometown of Syracuse, and these metal figurines were a highschool graduation gift from Mrs.Weiss, the teacher mentioned in my dedication.


This last photo is bittersweet. For the past few weeks, my pristine workspace has been in a state of shambles with no hope for recovery.  We're moving to a new, larger home with a gorgeous green backyard and plenty of space for a new studio.  My current space, and entire house, is a disaster area. We move in the end of June, expect Centernia updates to resume in July. :-)


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