Reader Q & A: Rapidfire responses

Which Centernia characters do you ship?

I don't think the creator is allowed to ship, are they? Otherwise it becomes canon, and what fun is a ship if it becomes insta-canon? I will say I love hearing fan ship-theories.  The castlefolk are not exactly conservative in choosing bedfellows and some of your romance theories may be very true.

Is Malachi a sinari?

No, Malachi is not sinari. The castlefolk follow him easily because he was one of their leaders years ago.  He is charismatic to some and obnoxious to others.  It seems like there is never a grey area with Malachi, you love him or hate him.

How do you find the time to write and keep a full time job?

I work a thirty hour workweek formally and spend the rest of my time freelance illustrating and working on Centernia.   There are many days that the dishes may sit in the sink because the castlefolk are more important.  I don't play video games and I rarely watch tv.  Physical activity is of high value to me and I will run/walk/horseback ride often.  If it's close to a con and I'm creating new prints, my friends don't see me.  Everything is a trade off and every minute of the day can be used or squandered.

Who was the fourth mage involved in the Gate sealing?

This tidbit will be further illuminated in the future.

When is Book Two coming out?

We are still on track for a 2015 release!


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